If you are looking for a writer, editor, and research assistant all in one you found her. Serena Domolky Howlett. She is smart, practical, well read, diligent and she puts it all in clear, structured, useful writing. 

     She took my confused, poor tone, business proposal and made it pleasant, appealing, topical, and focused. The business proposal required she do added research to support the ideas and show the implications to the work were supported by many trends. She correctly commented to me that we need to show the other work to support how different, unique, and affordable my ideas are. Then she went out and found those links and quotes to improve my work.

     She has a broad personal background including an MPH and JD. Those added skills, knowledge base, allow her to add valuable content in her research that others may be less able to do. My business plan was in the complicated area of health care and her knowledge of public health, and the law were clearly helpful in improving my business plan. During the process of developing the business plan she shared many on target business ideas and helped me develop my ideas further.

     Having a knowledgeable, patient and involved editor is invaluable. Others I have tried are not looking to get into the material like she was. All of that is an enormous value add that other writers / editors I tried did not offer. 

     With all those skills she is affordable and offers a very high overall value for her developmental editing skills. I recommend her as a very high value for any editing, writing or developmental editing job.


 Kerry McGivney, RN & Shawn McGivney, MD, RFA


Serena is patient, very helpful, and professional with her exceptional editing services. I worked with Serena for editing my first self-published book and could not recommend her more highly! She helped me realize a more fitting and cohesive sequence of my book and helped me produce more of a high quality first book than I could have asked for. I highly recommend Serena for anyone looking for an exceptional editor!              Jason Pawloski, MS, RD, author of Foods for Thought: Understanding the Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Mental Health, available on Amazon 

Serena is an excellent writer. Not only is she skilled with words,

she also understands well the message, tone and emotions any text needs to convey.                            Jantoon Reigersman CFO TrueCar

Author, Straight Talk for Startups (Har                                                                        


Serena worked on an extremely complex article for a medical journal on behalf of one of our clients. The project required her to understand a large volume of clinical data and to synthesize it in a clear, understandable way ... Serena did an outstanding job on tis manuscript, dug deep into the details, developed high-quality written materials, and provided a list of key questions for our client to address. Throughout the entire project, Serena was a pleasure to work with, and her flexibility with the project timeline pleased our client as well as myself.

 Tina Rose

Founder & CEO TRA360, professional writing services