About me

Started life in the Bronx, grew up in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania. My dad was a doctor; mom, a teacher. College years in Berkeley, California during the  wonderful 1960's. Earned a BA in international relations and Juris Doctor at Berkeley Law. Married George Domolky and moved to New York City. Hired by Time Magazine as editorial researcher for The Law column. Admitted to the Bar in NY, CT, MA. Stay-at-home mom,1967 -1977. Received Masters in Public Health in1978. Employed as law firm associate and corporate attorney.

     Pivoted to freelance editing in the1990's. Health policy, wellness and book development. Between then and now: numerous and diverse projects in the U.S. and Canada. My sons, daughters-in-laws and awesome grandchildren have kept me in touch with fast-moving lifestyles and language of Gen X-ers, Millennials and Gen Z's. Volunteer activities: local Economic Development Commission (Stow, Massachusetts) and Museum of Russian Icons (Clinton, MA).

     Look forward to post-pandemic recovery with new ways of doing things, blurring the lines between business, family and social life. Updating writing and editing skills to align with client needs in 2021.